Monday, July 13, 2015

CEO Ellen Pao

Ellen Pao was successfully ousted from her postion as Reddit CEO last Friday. This move came after she attempted a "Great leap forward" on Reddit by going all feminist n´shit. And just like Mao Zedongs Cultural revolution, Chairman Pao´s Reddit-dicatorship was a big threat:

Mao´s Revolution:
- killed millions of people
- tried to wipe out cultural goods such as chinese culture and cuisine etc.
- purged adversaries
- communism

Pao´s Revolution:
- potentially could have shut down a few subreddits with names like: shitniggerssay or transfags,...
- tries to wipe out misogyny, harassment etc.
- fired reddit-admin Ms. Taylor
- eliminated entry-wage negotiations

As you can see, these two people were almost equally evil. However redditors fought of the yellow peril bravely. Just like the Southerners during the civil war fought to keep their freedoms.

Now, am I a racist? Surely not. I didn´t even mention Pao´s race. In fact, when I wrote this post, I didn´t even think of it. It was only after much research that I notice now that Ellen Pao is both a woman and some sort of Asian - and maybe human (as she tries to make me think in her resignation letter lol).

Here are a few racially sensitive pics by non-racist reddit users:

Now, if this stuff was smart at all, I wouldn´t mind it. But this was only informed by the fact that she is Asian. Why else would these pictures try to connect her to anything Asian? Chinese, Korean, Japanese - who cares? I do.