On this page, I'll post a  few movies from foreign countries that are worth watching.

The Lady

Follows Aung Sang Suu Kyi's life. This movie does contain some violent scenes, that however probably accurately reflect what Myanmar went through. Definitely worth watching. It was a real eye-opener for me.


Cyrano Agency

Yes this film involves love, but as far as I can tell every romantic instance ends in a funny twist. This is mainly do to the fact that its all staged: A theatre groups uses their talents to stage romantic settings for paying customers wanting to find their love. In this film love follows a strict "script", at least theoretically - in pratisce it might turn out that love cannot be produced so easily. And what if one of the theartre members falls in love with one of the customer's girlfriends? Quite amusing really!

Miracle of giving fool

Ji-ho returns home after a once promising musical career turns out to break her. Upon her return she encounters Sung-ryong, who gives her a warm greeting and is genuinly happy to see her. At first, Ji-ho is surprised at his strange and childish appearance. Soon she recalls that he was one of her classmates and that a faulty oven had killed his father and left his brain permanently impaired. At this time of a personal crises, Ji-ho feels Sung-ryong is the only person she can openly talk to. In fact, Sung-ryong hardly seems to be able to take care of himself at first sight - he always looses his shoes - but as the story progresses, we find out a lot more: In fact, he works at a toast-stand and has even adopted the role of his mother to his sister after she passed away. 
Too bad is the choice of the actors. Though  he acts surprisingly well, Chae Tae-Yeon isn't the guy for the job.

The Classic

A movie about a difficult - and impossible - relationship that involves the Korean war. It has historic events in it, it's moving to watch, has interesting parallels between past and present but is no masterpiece.

Late autumn

This is a remake of a Korean movie that has apparently  attracted many viewers. The story was modified a bit. A good part of it now takes place in Seattle and the main actress is Chinese. The intention was to attract international audiences. The film was released in China and America in 2011 and 2012 respectively. Tang Wei is a wonderful actress. Without saying much at all, she brings across what is going through her mind in many instances.


A film from Kim Ki-Duk, a Korean film-maker more popular abroad than in his home country. Different!

China and Taiwan


About the Tangshan earthquake. The foreign actor playing the Canadian husband only barely fails to ruin this otherwise great movie. 

One Day

Taiwan 2010. A dreamy movie. Don't look for too much meaning though.

Blue Cha Cha

This is definitely one of the best movies I have ever seen.

She, a Chinese
Judging from the cover (a girl with blue hair) I didn't expect to much of this film. However it did show fate of some in the contemporary China - and mostly the dream of a brighter future in the city. Unfortunately, the protagonist big in dreaming, but makes no career whatsoever. It seems that her caracter is flawed, so much that you would like to punch the screen sometimes and yell: "Wake up girl!" What starts out as a representative story becomes more and more an individual and depressing one.


Three idiots

Very good movie, that involves everything life has to offer: happiness, grief, losses, births... But its also quite long. You can't really tell whether it is a comedy or a drama.


Hollywood in Bollywood, I really liked this one!

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